Sustainable Water Management through Common Responsibility enhancement in Mediterranean River Basins



water project

The WATERinCORE project aiming at the design, application and dissemination of a methodological frame for the integration of Local Agenda 21 principles in Water Resources Management in Mediterranean River Basins. It is focusing on the identification of the water management practices and policies as well as of the actual state of Local Agenda application in the participants regions.

Considering these and additionally the specific characteristics of the regions a public participation process will be designed and implemented at selected pilot river basins/sub basins in each region in order to motivate and actively involve the local key actors/stakeholders in the development and application of local actions in water management.

By this way the provision of tools for a better integration of activities in the fields of both sustainable water management and Local Agenda 21 will be achieved and the confrontation of the different problems and threats on water resources in a cross-sectorial, territorial as well as dialogue oriented approach will be accomplished.



Public Consultation Process

Strategic plan for water management

MED Programme for Territorial Cooperation

The MED Programme Axes are:

Innovation: creation and development of scientific and technological networks, and the enhancement of regional R&TD and innovation capacities, where these make a direct contribution to the balanced economic development of transnational areas (Priority Axis 1).


Environment: water management, energy efficiency, risk prevention and environmental protection activities with a clear transnational dimension (Priority Axis 2).

Accessibility: activities to improve access to and quality of transport and telecommunications services where these have a clear transnational dimension (Priority Axis 3).

Sustainable urban development: strengthening polycentric development at transnational, national and regional level, with a clear transnational impact (Priority Axis 4).

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