anatoliki ANATOLIKI s.a., Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki's Local Authorities (GR)
Lead Partner

Tel: +30 2310 463930
ANATOLIKI s.a. is the Development agency of Eastern Thessaloniki that plans, co-ordinates and implements necessary actions for the promotion of an integrated economic, social and cultural development by utilizing and enhancing the human resources and utilizing and preserving the natural resources of the region.
arpa ARPA Sicily Regional Environment Protection Agency (IT)
Tel: +39 091 598260
ARPA is a functional body of the Sicilian Region with juridical personality and technical, managerial and administrative autonomy, that offers control, information, research and consultancy services to both public organizations and private firms through a network of laboratories and offices in each Sicilian province.
provincia Province of Lucca (IT)
Tel: +39 0583 417285
Province of Lucca is a local entity intermediate between regions and municipalities, devoted to defend and represent the interests of their community, to promote and coordinate the territorial development.


Provincial Council of Granada (ES)
Tel:+340 958 247867
The Deputation of Granada is a supra-local and intermediate government which is constitutionally recognized and dedicated to manage, with full autonomy, the specific interests of the province of Granada. The Deputation of Granada works with municipalities through Program of Agreement "Granada in Network", by means of which it is deepened in the local issues in order to articulate new ways of working in the territory, based on a modern concept of public administration, dialogist, negotiator, flexible and conciliatory.
wddtay Water Development Department of Cyprus (CY)
Τel: +35 722 609277
The Water Development Department is responsible for implementing the water policy of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment of the Republic of Cyprus. Main objective of this policy is the rational development and management of the water resources of Cyprus.