Sustainable Water Management through Common Responsibility enhancement in Mediterranean River Basins



water project

The WATERinCORE project aiming at the design, application and dissemination of a methodological frame for the integration of Local Agenda 21 principles in Water Resources Management in Mediterranean River Basins. It is focusing on the identification of the water management practices and policies as well as of the actual state of Local Agenda application in the participants regions.

Considering these and additionally the specific characteristics of the regions a public participation process will be designed and implemented at selected pilot river basins/sub basins in each region in order to motivate and actively involve the local key actors/stakeholders in the development and application of local actions in water management.

By this way the provision of tools for a better integration of activities in the fields of both sustainable water management and Local Agenda 21 will be achieved and the confrontation of the different problems and threats on water resources in a cross-sectorial, territorial as well as dialogue oriented approach will be accomplished.



Project’s General objective:

The protection of water resources through the sustainable management and common responsibility enhancement in the Mediterranean region.

Project’s specific objectives:

  • Sustainable water management policies development
  • Public consultation and social agreement on water resources management
  • Exploitation of Local Agenda 21 principles and methodology in water management and water-environment protection plans
  • Capacity building for water bodies in Mediterranean Regions.
  • Awareness raising of users, main involved stakeholders in the project, on wise water consumption and pollution reduction.
  • Cooperation Strengthen between the stakeholders and public authorities and building “mutual trust and confidence” in order to protect the environment and public health, economic development and social cohesion.

Mediterranean dimension & added value of the project

Water is the subject of a very high and increasing pressure in MED region. Although, there are common strategies and legal framework in terms of proper and integrated management of water bodies, Med regions need to cooperate and be supported during their application. The project considering the European framework and policy is trying to develop common solutions, methods and tools utilizing the different experience in the WM, administration schemes and legislation as well as PP culture in the participant countries as LA21 defines.

Innovation of the project
Project introduces a combination of key actions (technical, administrative social and communicative) involving the full range of stakeholders and ensuring efficient implementation, promotion and facilitation of sustainable WM:

  • Application of principles and methods of LA21 for the formation of Local Agreement on WM in an administrative and social level.
  • Production of Common technical tools ranging from LA21 recognition matrix to WM indices and PP methodology.
  • Negotiation tables and opinion survey as well as the Short guidebooks on LA21 and WM are the innovative elements of communication actions.